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What is Permanent Cosmetics?

This process also known as permanent cosmetics/makeup, micropigmentation, or cosmetic tattooing, is a specialized technique of depositing colored pigments into the skin to enhance your features and appearance. This long lasting procedure is fast becoming one of the most popular beauty treatments available today. It is commonly used to fill in sparse eyebrows, help improve the appearance of full eyelashes, to emphasize the eyes, or to define and increase color in the lips, or to camouflage scars.

Eyebrows(Micro blading)






Great eyebrows provide a lift for the eyes and the frame for the face. Ms. Meese will measure and design unique eyebrows for each individual. After we determine the size, shape, and symmetry of the eyebrows, they are stenciled. Before the procedure begins the prefect color will be determined and agreed upon. So that you are satisfied with the final result you will participate in the entire process. The finished brows will have a soft powdery/shaded look or for clients without eyebrows the hair stroke method is used to achieve a natural look.







Defined eyes are an alluring attribute. With Eyelash Enhancement the color is placed in the eyelashes giving you a ‘fuller and darker lash’ look. This creates an effect similar to mascara at the base of the lashes. Some people want a more dramatic make-up look. With Eyeliner the color is placed in-between the lashes and above the lashes.  A thin, natural line can be applied during your initial visit. Later, if you decide to increase the thickness and/or darken your liner it can be done  during your follow-up/touch up visit ( 4-6 weeks after the original procedure).

Lip Color






Many women enjoy lip color, but do not like the problems associated with conventional makeup. Permanent makeup solves those problems, such as the “feathering” lip liner that draws attention to unattractive wrinkles around the mouth. Lipliner only creates a more defined look. It is good for correcting asymmetrical and faded lip borders. The lipliner can also be done with color lightly shaded into the lip for a more natural look. Most people prefer full lip color that brings vibrancy to their face. Full lip color can give you the optical illusion of fuller looking lips without painful and temporary injection.


what is scalp micro pigmentation?

It is newest hair augmentation technology where one gets black ink dotted pigmentation implemented on scalp . the goal of scalp micro pigmentation is to increase the look of hair density to where hair and or hair pattern is scarce with safe and innovative beauty technology. scalp micro pigmentation is highly recommended for people who want to regain and boost the look of hair density and younger appearance for more confidence.

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